BC's sub-GIs by Product Reputation

BC's sub-GIs by Product Reputation
Can you spot the "Ringer" Region?

Winery and brand reputation drive sales in all channels and is especially important for new Direct to Consumer (DtC) recruitment. One measure of product reputation is from the world's largest crowdsourced wine rating app - Vivino. Check out my guest post on Vintality which compares scores to awards. I stress that this is by no means the only measure one can use but it has by far the most reach and specificity to wine compared to, say, TripAdvisor or Google reviews, which can be considered as measurements of the overall visitor experience rather than product experience. Google Trends data shows Vivino attracts far more searches than popular local wine influencers. That alone should be justification for keeping an eye on your scores, especially as visitors from outside the Province are unlikely to be familiar with the locals.

The chart shows the average Vivino ratings for wines produced at wineries located in the sub-GI and compares to volume and value sold.

Did you notice the "Ringer" in the chart that is not a sub-GI? "OO" is Oliver Osoyoos which represents all the wineries located south of McIntyre Bluff not allocated to GMB and GMS. This is the region from which the proposed "Black Sage Bench" sub-GI will be carved out of. Notice that volume and average value are already above most sub-GIs and I expect that the new sub-GI will move forward in product reputation and up in average value from where it is now.

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