World Pinot Noir Day

World Pinot Noir Day
BC Pinot Noir Snapshot

A quick dashboard on BC Pinot Noir to celebrate World Pinot Day. Notes below:

  • Apart from acreage all the data relates to sales litre volume of Pinot Noir sold as a red single variety and in 750mL format.
  • In 2022, Pinot Noir represents 5.3% of total 750mL wine sales from BC wineries.
  • Acreage data comes from Wine Growers British Columbia who survey vineyards at 3 year intervals. Prior to 2019 it was more erratic. Data is for years 2008, 2014, 2019 and 2022.
  • The substantial jump in acreage plated between 2019 and 2022, none of this additional acreage will have contributed to sales in 2022, which are mainly from 2020 and 2019 vintages.
  • Although the impact of the "Great Freeze" in December 2022 is not yet fully evaluated, there will be lower yields in 2023 and possibly substantial vine loss which will have a significant impact on Pinot Noir product (in any form) availability from 2025.
  • A substantial proportion (possibly over 50%) of harvested Pinot Noir grapes is made into Sparkling, Rose wine and, to a much lesser extent, red blends, dessert, and ice wine.
  • Single Variety Pinot Noir has the highest average wholesale price of all BC wines, just inching out Syrah and Cabernet Franc. Price is calculated as a volume weighted average.
  • BC Pinot Noir carries a 5% premium at wholesale over the volume weighted average of imported Pinot Noir sold in BC.
  • In 2022, BC Pinot Noir had a 51% market share within the BC market for Pinot Noirs over $11 wholesale.
  • The Okanagan Valley (OKV) is the main DVA (equivalent to an AOC/AVA) source of Pinot Noir Grapes.
  • OKV has, since 2015, formed eleven designated SubGI areas within the DVA. The breakdown in the chart groups SubGIs and unallocated areas nearby to form regions in our data as some SubGIs are very small. Naramata and Lake Country are the only two regions that correspond directly to a single SubGI, the other regions may have multiple SubGIs included.
  • BC Pinot Noir has a good overall, and very competitive reputation, against import peers sold in BC. Data is based on extensive matching Vivino scores of Pinot Noir products selling more than 100 cases in BC. It is volume weighted. The 0.03 difference is not significant.
  • All data comes from our extensive data set covering 2016-2022, Dashboard is created in Microsoft Power BI.

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