Awards and Wine - Wine by Awarding Competition

Awards and Wine - Wine by Awarding Competition

There are three major winery award competitions that BC wineries participate in extensively. The National Wine Awards and All Canadian are open to any winery in Canada and the BC Lieutenant Governor's is open to BC wines only. The chart shows how each competition (and each has differing award criteria) have judged BC wines by wine type. Each competition has a reasonably stable core of judges from year to year.

The data is for the Top 10 most awarded types in each competition at Gold and Platinum (Double Gold at ACWC is considered same as a Platinum for this purpose) levels only. Numbers are the aggregate awards over 5 years of competition.

It is interesting to see how ranking, the number of awards for each wine type, and the proportion by award level varies by competition. This has sparked a number of potential hypotheses about the awarding process

The charts are part of a more extensive analysis in progress to research in what ways and to what extent awards can be linked to BC winery performance over time. There are, of course, other intangible benefits from participating and gaining awards at any level.

I'd welcome any thoughts and input on this topic.


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